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Waxwings Everywhere And I Still Missed Them

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rowanwitch | 12:27 Mon 01st Jan 2024 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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On birdguides so many sightings, so many big flocks ( or museums) to use the correct collective term.  Trekked out to Mosely yesterday ,  reports of a large group in the  Mostly bog carpark, missed them by an hour.  Freezing cold, wet and fed up.   


At this rate I would be better off planting a load of rowan trees and just waiting!   First tried to see them in the early 1980s, and every accessible sighting since.  Every birder has a jinx bird and waxwings are mine!



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Missed them again today, at least this report was local, will try again tomorrow as it's only 10 mins away.

I got 300 on Saturday 😁😁😁😁🤣

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Derbyshire? Hassop station???


Finally saw them.... Just 10 but  that will. do for me,one would have made my day.   After chasing all over the place they were a 10 minute walk from my flat.

Thanks for the heads-up, Rowan.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

I think that planting tree/shrubs like rowan, pyracantha, whitebeam etc is a great idea to attract these birds

Derbyshire? Hassop station???

Yes, rowan.

The last time there was so many waxwings was 10yrs ago. I got 80 on my cotoneaster in the front garden. 


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The trick seems to be planting the white and pink berried forms like cashmeriana that don't get their berries stripped by thrushes and blackbirds


These are the ones at Hassop Station. 

Went to RSPB Old Moor, last week. Not much around due to ice on water. However, I managed to see a Marsh Harrier and a very obliging Bearded Tit.

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Waxwings Everywhere And I Still Missed Them

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