Warbler On Nutfeeder

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Chipchopper | 17:04 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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I took some time out, to relax in the garden and watch the birds coming back and forth, mostly
great tits and blue tits.
Suddenly I noticed a stranger in the camp, visiting the peanut feeder, was what appears to me to be a chiff chaff or willow warbler or maybe something else.
In comparison it was even smaller than the juvinile blue tits.
This got me wondering, did the wee bird have an identity crisis or are warblers known to visit cadge feeders ?
I thought they where insectivores ??


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I've just put some fat balls out there (including insects) in the hope they will return.
I think that Wood Warblers or even Garden Warblers will eat peanuts chip. They certainly eat some fruit and berries. Unless it was a finch of some sort. Pity you didn't manage a photo. The warblers should be easily identified as you will likely hear them singing away early doors. Our resident Garden Warbler is a treat to hear first thing.
I know that you can usually identify your visitors, and most finches are pretty distinct. There is one that is fairly non descript and very small. The Twite. You are lucky indeed if you have this bird visiting.
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Well Togo, I did manage to take a photo but alas, it was taken on my mobile phone and it came out as a tiny speck or got after enlarged a very grainy and indistinct snapshot.
Defo not a finch, due to insect type bill.
Any ways, I went back out there at noon today when I noticed a tawny owl nonetheless perched up in a hawthorn tree, approx 30' away, looking down at the feeder. My nieghbor took a photo of it before it flew off into some tall ash trees and flushing out a young kestrel, it all got pretty exiting for about 10 minutes!
Haha. Great stuff Chip. We get moments like that here too, when the Sparrow Hawk is about. We get Owls patrolling at dusk and a Heron that likes to sit and survey the surroundings. There are frogs at the bottom of the property in the stream, and I think that they are on the lookout for them.

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Warbler On Nutfeeder

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