Goldfinches Dislike New Feeder

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Gromit33 | 13:18 Sun 16th Jul 2017 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Hi All, can anyone help with a query? We are lucky enough to have goldfinches in the garden and have put nyger seeds in a feeder for some years. As there are quite a few of them I recently bought another feeder- but they won't go near it, preferring to queue up to use the old one. What's up with them?


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I think its just a matter of time, before one of them drums up the courage to investigate the new feeder and soon after others will follow.
most birds can be a bit shy to start with.
Good luck soon!
Patience, Chip!
Question Author
Thank you both. My Mum said the same but I didn't know they could be shy!
The three crows that come to my garden are brave, courageous and bold, but even they were scaredy cats at first!
We had the same problem Gromit we've six nyger seed feeders scattered about the garden and everytime we put a new one up it's been days before the birds started using.
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Thanks ChipChopper and Paddywak. Probably been a month now and they've still not touched it.
Try putting the feeder somewhere else in the garden, Gromit.
Sounds as if they're like humans, fearful of change. Write "Brexit" on the side and the adventurous 51.89% will want to try it out immediately.
I have the same problem having replaced the old battered feeder with two of these from the RSPB
I think I'll get a new one similar to the old one and see if they come back to that. It may be that they're getting food from elsewhere (I'm in the countryside) or their numbers have dropped suddenly.

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Goldfinches Dislike New Feeder

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