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Tilly2 | 09:02 Fri 17th May 2013 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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At the moment, on my laptop, I have the following webcam tabs.
Dyfi ospreys
Loch of the Lowes ospreys
Nottingham Trent peregrines
Sheffield St. Georges peregrines.

I've been up since 5.30 am and keep switching from one to the other with the occassional foray into AB.

Do I need help?


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I only concentrate on Loch of the Lowes, which makes the sound of bird calls in our living room less disruptive to our cats!
Only how many more months to go, Tilly ? Look forward to the withdrawal symptoms when they've flown the coop !!

Seriously, I think you'll survive .... Is there any news of eggs at dyfi yet ?
Question Author
No, no egg as yet, seekerz. I've gone for 4.30 on Saturday.

Yes, I will survive,I know. I just won't get much done in the meantime.

no Tilly, you could not need help at all

you are just bird-brained ;-D
For some reasonI can't get dyfi on my iPad at the moment, there's a gremlin somewhere but fingers crossed it comes right

How are things looking there, are they settling down to 'married life' ok ? Last time I saw the nest there was no one home , so hope things are good
Question Author
oi excel!

seekers,if you can't get the live streaming at Dfyi, have a look at the facebook page. You don't have to sign up for facebook but you can see all the strange goings on this week.
I have actually signed up to facebook just to be able to ask questions and make comments.
Thanks Tilly, will try that, thanks
no a four view set up.. I can give you a link for some barn owls if you want to make things worse
Question Author
Go on then, rowan, that'll be lovely, thank you. The more the merrier!
Help??Of course not are doing very well without. ;-) x
Hi Rowan! xx
hi gness
Would you like to add Derby cathedral peregrines to your list Tilly? :)

love the barn owls
don't think much housework will be done in AB land until they are all hatched and fledged
Question Author
Thank you rowan and robinia-two trees! I have bookmarked those sites as well. I can't actually look at them at the moment because I am using my tablet and it doesn't support Flash Player. I will be able to look later on my laptop.

By the way, Excel, that was a cheep joke!
Yes Tilly, you need 4 more laptops :-)
Question Author
Is there a limit to the number of tabs you can have have open?
I'm as sad as you tilly, if not sadder. In addition to your list I'm on Norwich peregrines, now I'll be on the barn owl web-cam:-)
I forgot the Rutland ospreys.

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