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cardiffgirl | 20:14 Thu 22nd Jul 2010 | Animals & Nature
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Found a fledgling today ....size of a small pidgeon maybe, yellowish down still on head. Large black flat beak, grey,white and some black feathers, short tail feathers, white legs but cannot id it , so cannot try to feed it and yes it was in danger so I brought it home from a certain squashing on a main road , any ideas ??????


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Hi and thank you for your reply, I have looked on this site but it only deals with adult of the species not the young which can be very different, its beak is the outstanding feature but cannot pinpoint it .
Sounds like a squab (young pigeon) Not often seen unless they fall out of the nest. I rescued one myself about a week ago.



I have heard scrambled egg can be fed to baby chicks.. until you can get them to a rescue centre of some description or release them.. or find the nest...
Never move them except to put it out of danger.
I moved the one that was in the middle of the carpark, put it over the fence into some rough grass. It wouldn't have survived in the carpark!!
You said large black flat beak, is that flat horizontally like a duck?

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