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Bleedin' ladybirds invasion

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Avatar | 18:15 Thu 10th Dec 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Whats with the tons of wierd looking ladybirds I keep finding crawling round my kitchen?! Never known so many inside before, Im forever chucking 'em out the window.


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I wanna keep warm ! lol
Oh, there was something in the paper yesterday about the Harlequin ladybird which is from Asia and has been found in the UK and there's a worry they could wipe out native ladybirds!
Harlequins are bigger and have more spots.

Every time I open one of my windows loads of ladybirds fall in. They are all hibernating and huge clusters of them are all round the window frames. There are loads more this year.
Here in the U.S. the Ladybug lookalikes are the multicolored Asian lady beetle. They arrived in the U.S. around 1980 and have spread nearly over the whole country. They aren't particularly harmful and do feed on aphids, especially in trees. However, they really stink if squashed, the insides are purplish and stain everything and they can and do bite, unlike Ladybugs. For some reason they tend to be more numerous (by a factor of 100) when near farm fields growing soybeans.
Here in the western U.S., we noticed them a few years ago and about three years ago they were extremely numerous, espcially in late fall-early winter. that was the same year a nearby farmer began growing soybeans. Last year the farmer rotated out of soybeans and the Asian beetles were nearly non-existent...
With luck the currently cold spell will help to wipe them out.
Unfortunatley, we no longer get cold spells like we used to here. Hence, bluebottles the size of tennis balls in the summer.
jeeze squarebear, where do you live? Here in the south of the UK we had a frost this morning which is plenty cold enough for us.
It is December...
im scared of ladybirds

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Bleedin' ladybirds invasion

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