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Meaning of life.

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wvaleriechas | 00:53 Wed 20th Oct 2004 | Animals & Nature
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My friends 7yr old Grandson asked him "what is the meaning of life"? How do you explain this to a 7yr old? He could't as he didn't know the answer himself. Any ideas please....Spinner..


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Simple! To carry on living.
This question was asked by a 7 year old???
To learn how to get on with each other.
to learn which section to post in... no thats just mean... sorry. Howabout to be happy, thats nice and easy for a 7 year old to get - and very very true
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Yes 5029, there are a lot of kids with enquiring minds & you know what they say "out of the mouths of babes". Kids like this are our future but thanks for answering.
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Many thanks to those who gave it a thought, but I guess none of us knows the answer so the simplest answers are the best....Spinner


Why not just tell the truth ?


No-one really knows !



The true meaning of life, the universe, and everything is explained in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It is about 200 quick-reading pages and worth going through. The book will explain it all.

The quick answer, of course, is 42.

Try reading the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren ;)

1. Did he mean "How did we get here?", or did he mean "What are we supposed to do now that we're here?".

2. Is there any religion in the family?

Then take the answer to 1 and look it up with reference to answer 2.

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Thankyou Merlin, u r a wizard. Yes this is a very religous family who have been taught from an early age that our purpose on earth is "To know Him,love Him & serve Him in this world & to be happy with Him forever in the next". I can't help thinking that there is a little more than that to live for & my question I suppose is ; how to give a 7 year old answers & is it right to answer, even if I could, because at the ripe old age of 70, I still have no idea. Incidentaly, I am not religious myself but I do have an open mind. Many thanks for a serious answer to a serious question......Spinner.

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Meaning of life.

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