Bill Oddie's autumn tints

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WendyS | 13:56 Tue 06th Nov 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Did anybody see Bill Oddie's ginger hair dye on Autumn Watch last night.? Looked like he was trying to compete with the autumn leaves? I don't dislike the guy but he does seem to be turning into more of a buffoon with every series. I do wish he'd insert a little more gravitas into the programme.. I'm starting to find them more irritating than enjoyable.


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Bit harsh Wendy. Having a bit of fun is more like it, rather than behaving like a buffoon. Kate finds his 'autumnal tint' very amusing as well and why not? Whatever you think of him he has done a lot for wildlife, plus taking the mystique and eliteness out of birdwatching to make it accessible to us all. Viva Bill!
I find him a grade A, pain in the proverbial on Spring/Autumn watch. He's forever butting in and talking over people. To the extent that I dont bother watching it much now.
However, when he is on his own, e.g in 'how to watch wildlife' I find him very entertaiing and amusing.
I can't abide the man, and the notion that he will somehow appear more attractive, vibrant and youthful if he hides his grey hair mades him even more of a buffoon than he was already - if such a thing were possible!

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Bill Oddie's autumn tints

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