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Advice needed on the best way to clean a wound

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jennywxy | 23:30 Mon 29th Oct 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Hi, my Jack Russell had a small lump removed last week. The vet said its healing OK and best to leave the wond uncovered but to perhaps put a doggy t shirt on him to cover it and he's also had to wear one of those lampshade thingys. Hes a typical Jack Russell and gets very stroppy if I try to check the wound and when I saw it today its sticky and a little bit bloody and weepy. Ive tried to clean it in salt water, but Im not sure whether I should also use savlon of it this would only mask it and not heal it. Im also not sure whether I should leave it uncovered with just the lampshade on so he cant reach it. Could anyone advise? Thanks so much!


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Salt water is fine to use however try to damp it down after as a wet wound creates scaring!! Savlon will be fine to use aswel!! ive used it many times on my animals, the trick with savlon is to not put too much on!! It needs to be just a spot and well absorbed into the skin!! When applying most ointments people paste it on far too much!! All the best!! x
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Thanks for the advise, I'll try savlon too, just a little. Trying to get near enough is the problem, Ive never known such a stroppy dog but I love him to bits! Im dreading his final vets visit, hes OK with women but with every male including my hubby it seems to be an instant 'alpha male' battle instigated by Wallace (the dog, not the hubby!).
I always keep a tube of Aloe Vera Jelly in my doggy first aid kit, use it on everything, even in their mouth as it removes tartar ail.asp?product=55061
I wouldn't use anything but salt water, use a spray bottle if you can't dab it on with cotton wool.

Any cream with stop the air getting to it.
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Thanks for the advice, I did worry about cream stopping the air getting to it. I supposed diluted Savlon liquid would be OK? But for now I'll stick to the salt water and leave that daft lampshade thing on his head so he cant get to the wound. The stitches are dissolvable and I have this nightmare that they'll dissolve before its healed, I hope that won't happen!
Salt water's good for any wound, but can sting like hell. Believe it or not, bathing it in milk might help. It's always worked with our animals - plus try and keep the "lampshade" on if you can, to stop your dog from getting to the wound until it's healed up.
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I will keep the lampshade on, its taking it off too soon which led to all this! Thanks for all the help everyone, I really appreciate it.
If its a cut I use a product called 'Cut-Heal' which you can get from horse suppliers, and it comes in a spray or a dab on format, and it clears up cuts without leaving a scar. It heals from the inside out, and speeds up the healing process. It works by getting into the wound and repairing the tissue and pushes up the new tissue to the surface. I don't see why it wouldn't work in this case if you could get hold of some.
This is the stuff, its brilliant.
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Ive called my hubby and asked him to go and find some, thanks again!

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Advice needed on the best way to clean a wound

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