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kitten and flu

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jonny the fo | 22:03 Mon 29th Oct 2007 | Animals & Nature
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probably one of the stranger question on answerbank, but i have flu and also a 7 week old kitten who like to sleep on my shoulder, wondered if cats can catch human colds/flu? Just don't want to make her ill she is so tiny!



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No, we can't, although cats do catch 'cat flu', but neither can humans contract that strain from an infected cat...
Very sweet of you to think about the kitten !
I've heard that guineapigs can catch human colds/flu!! But kitty will be fine.
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thankyou very much!! was worried-i feel rubbish!
The thought of dealing with a kitten AND having the flu is quite frightening.

The kitten will still want to play and drive you nuts no matter how bad you feel.

So you had better get well soon to look after your baby. :-)

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kitten and flu

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