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New kitten

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jonny the fo | 21:14 Sun 14th Oct 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Can somebody give me some advice, I have a neutered 2 year old Tom cat who is still very much a night cat with a somewhat moody personality! I would like to get another kitten but am unsure as to which sex to go for that will cause the least stress?

Any ideas would be grateful

Thanks Sarah x


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I have a 4year old neutured tom who is a grumpy nightcat (he was born with the personality of an old man). In August I got two 12 week old kitens, one boy and one girl. He was wary of both but now is used to them but gets more hassle from the boy. I don't know if this is the same for all cats or if mine is just mischeivous but the little boy (Raph) follows Diego (the big cat) around everywhere, and I think it annoys him. Diego has been used to his own space for a long time and Raph is like an adoring younger brother. The little girl causes no problems at all and keeps out of Diego's way. Like I say, he wasn't impressed to start but soon got used to them and generally they keep out of eachother's paths, but if either gender causes a problem it is because the little boy just bugs the hell out of him! Hope that helps, and makes sense.
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Thanks for your input, i guess a girl is the best idea. Plenty of grumpy men in my house already, Makes me laugh how much Sparky is like an old man much like your cat!

Thanks Again x

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New kitten

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