Our 9 month old kitten doesn't seem to get along with our new kitten (9 weeks old)

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ianleonard66 | 13:01 Tue 18th Nov 2008 | Animals & Nature
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We have just bought a 9 week old half persian kitten (Gizmo) as some company for our 9 month old semi longhair kitten (Guiness) - both male. Unfortunately we made the mistake of introducing them right away (thinking we were doing the right thing until we looked it up & realised this was wrong). The older one keeps jumping on the little one & also hitting him every now and then and we're not sure exactly what to do. For now they are separated until we can find out what to do - we've only had the new one 3 days. Despite any of this the new kitten is still interested in the older one & tries snuggling up to him.

Does anyone know what we can do to make them get along? And also any tips on litter training the new one, he keeps peeing on any quilt he can find!

Thanks in advance for any help given.


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Personally, I don't think you were wrong to introduce them straight away. I always have introduced new kittens to older cats as soon as they have come into the house, but have just supervised and then kept them separated at night or when nobody was around to watch. I have also fed them at the same time, but again supervised.

Eventually it settles down, but don't be surprised if the older cat goes and hides in a quiet spot for a while. Just give the older one lots of space and make sure he still gets on the fuss he is used to.

The older cat will box the little one, but he needs to do this to teach the little one to keep his distance.

Don't be surprised if they never get to be friends. They may never actually really like each other and there is nothing you can do about it. However, they will live with each other quite happily in time!

This sounds silly. I have always introduced litter to kittens by putting them in the tray with the litter and moving their paws for them as if they were digging a hole, to give them the idea. It seems to work. For the time being keep the kitten out of bedrooms and watch him with eagle eyes. If you see him about to pee - pick him up and put him in the litter.
I'm not an expert but I would say that separating them isn't a good idea. Thery just have to get used to each other. As cats are territorial the older cat has pulled rank and is showing junior who is 'Top Cat', especially as they are both male. We introduced a kitten into our house a few months ago. We already had a 3 year old golden retriever. At the first all the kitten wanted to do was snuggle up the Charlie, Charlie wanted to 'Play', but didn't realise he was too big and clumsy so he kept accidentally treading on the kitty (Barney). Now after a few months they really are best of pals. They sleep together and run riot round the house playing. Never a dull moment here!!!!
If I were you I would just leave them to it. They will get on together and become 'friends'. I would be very surprised if the older cat actually harmed the kitten, I think he is just putting him in his place. If you keep them apart you have got to introduce them at some point and go through the newness, sooner rather than later I think.
Good luck. I guarantee they will give you hours and hours of joy and entertainment.
Please let us know how you get on.
Hi debbz x
Hi Lofty, I was typing my epic same time as you.
Different views, but arn't cats a joy. I love Barney to bits. Our household is so differnent with him in.
Bless your new one sounds so cute!!

The only suggestion I have is to confine, if that is the right word, the new one to one room, i.e. the kitchen, with a litter tray in it. The big one will be able to get in if he feels like it, but out again when he has had enough.

When I got a new one, he said in a crate, like you have for dogs, which was big enough for a bed, litter tray and some toys. It gave the big one chance to get to sniff the little one and get used to him being there and the little one to understand that he had to get used to a big cat and a dog. Mine curls up with the dog by the fire now, but the two cats tollerate each other.

Good luck it will get better!
Not really too different with our views debbz. We both agree they should be introduced straight away.

I do agree with you that the older cat is very unlikely to actually harm the little one. However, as to whether they will be friends I am not sure. Like people, sometimes they just don't get on.

What I will say is that cats and kittens being introduced to dogs is sometimes a lot easier than introducing them to another cat/kitten. We have two dogs.

Animals provide such fun - I would agree. x

Good ideas there from HJT40. It would solve the litter tray training problem straight away and give the older cat some peace whilst he surveys the newcomer.

My cat and the dogs play together quite well, but when I had two cats they just tolerated each other, as HJT says!
can you post pics on here. I have a really cute one of Barney and Charlie snuggles up together. x
Yes Debbz


Quite easy to use to produce a link from your own photos.
Thanks Lofty. Not sure if this will work......
It worked.. Thank you so much for that Lofty x x x
Oh Debbz, that is just so lovely. They are both adorable and obviously really love each other.

(with apologies to ianleonard66 - we have borrowed your thread, hope you don't mind)
Lucky you - a lovely dog and kitten in matching colours!

They are gorgeous.
I daren't tell you that the hamster matches them too!!!!! OOPPSSS I just did.
Yes sorry Ian.
Ah bless Barney and Charlie :-)
re pic awww soooooo cute ;-)
Thank you for all your lovely comments. They are my absolute pride and joy. Love em too bits. Totally ruined!!!!!! But they are worth it. =0)
Need to see a pic of the Hamster now :-)
Yes, sitting on the sofa with Barney and Charlie!!!

(Perhaps not!!)

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