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Importing a dog, using a pet passport

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amonty1144 | 21:14 Tue 10th Apr 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I am looking to import a dog from Poland. I have looked at the DEFRA website and I'm very confused. I want to import a puppy but it looks that the dog will be 9 months old when it gets here. Howevr, some breeders in this country seem to be importing and training their puppies from 12 weeks. Has anyone any experience of importing a dog, whether from Poland or elsewhere?
All experiences gratefully received.
This is a minority breed and puppies are not available here.


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Having been through importing a dog from Denmark with a friend, I know the whole procedure takes six months. The dog has to be microchipped BEFORE having blood tests, and six months later has more tests the day before it is exported when the vet stamps the passport, which is then checked against the microchip when it enters the country. Having been through this once, I would think twice about letting a dog travel alone on a plane again, especially a puppy who would be terrified - you may want to consider travelling over to fetch it? I would not recommend the ferry due to the car fumes, as the dog has to be left in the car in the hold unattended, whereas can stay with you in the car if you use the tunnel. Going back to the dog flying, not every airport accepts dogs, we used Manchester Pets on Jets who were very helpful. You may want to look at this site which gives quite helpful information. Also your vet may be able to help answer some of your questions, as they prepare pet passports for the export of dogs too. I cannot see how any breeder has imported a puppy of 12 weeks! s/index.htm
Puppies have to be microchipped and are usually at least twelve weeks old before they have the first rabies jab, then the titre tests one month later, and if they have taken, it is then six months before they can travel to the UK from the countries included under the Pet Passport Scheme. If the jab has not taken, they then need to be done again, and wait another month. Other than quarantine (6 months) there is no other way other than importing a bitch in whelp, letting her have the puppies in quarantine, then returning her to her country of origin and the puppies can come out.
For countries not included in the Pet Passport Scheme (see DEFRA website) then quarantine is a must.

Heard on the radio today that they are considering reducing the quarantine period to four months, as they can tell by then whether a dog has contracted rabies.
Have been having an interesting discussion about this on another group. Of course, you could import a bitch in whelp under the Pet Passport scheme and either keep her or let her go back to her original country once the puppies were weaned. When my friend did this the bitch had to go into quarantine and the puppies were allowed out once weaned, and she returned to her home country, but this was pre Pet Passport days.
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I'm about to contact the wonderful defra, if people are interested I can post my progress. I'll need to set up a webpage anyway.
Thanks for your replies
yes i would be interested to hear your progress. Interesting Lankeela, although I dont know how anyone can export a dog in whelp, let her have puppies in quarantine and return her to where she came from. How awful - each to their own though - suppose they are better off than a lot of dogs roaming the streets. Not something I could personally do or condone though. When I have a dog it is for life, and would not part with them, even if for a short period of time.
It was an unusual situation but they had a rare breed with a very small gene pool, so several people clubbed together to share the cost, the breeder loaned the bitch and the owners all had a puppy from the litter, which expanded the gene pool and the breed in this country. I agree that I could not let one of mine go like this, but can see why they did it.

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Importing a dog, using a pet passport

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