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Get rid of a Tom Cat

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kirstyguy | 20:04 Tue 10th Apr 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I have 3 neutered female cats, a tom cat has taken to spray and coming into the house. I can not lock the cat flap as my cats go mental. They freak with colars so I can not even get the cat flaps with the special colars. I need to stop it coming in without scarying my own cats. Please, please, has anyone got any ideas?


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build a bunker armed with a massive water cannon and just wait for the monster to come onto your property and fire until he soaked through.

Or send your ladies to kick boxing classes or judo.

No other ideas at present - toms are nice animals as long as they are castrated and don't spray.
If you know who the owners of the tom are why not try explaining the situation to them and see if you can persuade them to get him neutered. Otherwise try a water pistol and wait until he has lifted the flap them give him a few short bursts. There is no need to soak him - that would be cruel. If he does not appear to have an owner see if the local Cats' Protection Branch can help. Good luck!
I would have to agree with this - water often works. Toms are lovely, generally much more affectionate but not when they spray all over. The local cat rescue service can arrange for castration and if you can't find the owner I would be inclined to do that. You will probably find yourself with an extra cat then!

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Get rid of a Tom Cat

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