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Filbert | 11:53 Tue 20th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Adding to my post from Sunday, I would like to thank you all for your advice on cat moving / settling in etc.
George is now wandering about everywhere, and is back to eating etc normally.
Thanks again everyone.


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You must be relieved he is settling now. Hope he likes his new home.
thats great
Good old George Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant news. Cats like to play with our minds - I'm sure they do it on purpose - they're especially good at making us feel guilty. My Sam is currently doing a very good job of it after I gave him flea and worming treatment last night, Since then he has been following me from room to room and then just sitting a few feet away looking at me with a mixture of utter contempt and a look which says "I thought you loved me-how could you do that to me". I am currently feeling like the most horrible person on the planet as a result!! We do we love em so much?!
Great news - it will soon be as if he lived there all his life!
I think that animals are far more intelligent than we can ever understand.

We moved home about 25 years ago. On the day of the move the dog did a runner and we were all panicking that he would get lost.

He turned up for his dinner - at the new house. He had never been there before. We had walked over as it was only a mile of so away - but other than that !?

Glad George is settled in.

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Cat moving update

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