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How Would You Save The World?

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tree_hugger | 01:36 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
12 Answers
Hello, I'm planning to write a book, and I want to ask people from all around the world on how they would help save the world.
How would you help save the world?
Your answer can fall into these categories:

The Environment

I'd love to hear you answer, and I'll add your name in my book along with your suggestion. (Though it might take me a while to finish the book.)

Thank you! E-mail me at: [email protected]


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Save the world from what?
save people from animals.
save environment from people.
save animals from people.
save people from environment.

world saved.

ps - cunning idea to make cash out of a book without having to take part in any kind of real research or creative process. Kudos! hope you're planning to print it in raspberry juice on leaves or something, in order to help world safety...
People - Make everyone tell the truth

All categories - respect.
get rid of all the people = solved
wolf63, being a person, I am opposed to that solution. Although, the problem that we are suppose to be solving still has not been defined.
save animals from people

There are soooo many ways that people kill animals or endanger them that are not needed!
All categories. International ban on America. (Damn colonials!!)
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. How does it feel to be number 8?
OK, point taken. 6?
-- answer removed --
Don't mention it.

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How Would You Save The World?

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