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cat pee

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needtonow | 23:51 Thu 08th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
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how do i stop tom cats peeing by my door


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or for a nicer smell try citronella oil or rub lemon juice on it.
The ONLY thing that will stop cats peeing up your door is lion dung ! NOTHING else works !
i've heard cats hate peppermint too, try dotting some peppermint oil around your door and the floor.

shoot the cat !
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thanks for replying not easy getting lion dung
the vets told me to rub bicarbinate soda in the spot it was done..
Copper strips attached to an electric shock machine?
Get a Jack Russel. Now seriously & this works: Human urine splashed about the place were the tom cats come. They don't like it & there is a tendancy for the Tom cats to go elsewere. There is but one stinks when the sun gets on it. Bicker.
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Well I've been told orange works a treat. Just leave a cut orange in the doorway and good luck.
Cheaper than lion dung
Lion dung is free !

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cat pee

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