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Ban the Dyeing of fish

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Kozmic Blues | 17:58 Fri 01st Dec 2006 | Animals & Nature
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I have set up a petition to Ban the unnecessary dyeing of fish. This is an act where fish are dipped or injected with dye. It is to make bigger profits for the seller. It is sad to see the fish arrive to a house and within a few days, dead because it has been intoxicated by dye. Please help to ban this act of cruelty by singing this petition. Your signature counts!!



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?? singing this petition ???

Where is the petition - I assume you mean signing it?

Do you mean when you buy say haddock and it had a funny yellow tinge to it?
I think he means goldfish, guppies and whatnot.

Question Author
Sorry here is the pettition link- DYEING/index.html

NO, I mean Tropical fish, here are few pictures-
No athley (is it supposed to read as Ashley?) It's where usually tropical fish are dyed and or injected to give them colours, usually dayglo.

Kozmic most reputable aquatic shops refuse to stock these type of fish anyway, but agree it's a horrific practice....they've also been known to cut off the tails of parrot fish to make them look more attractive(!)

I'm off to work soon, but I know of several websites detailing this practice, will post them when I get home, if I remember!
Question Author
Thanks BOO, I no of the detailing. Some even do the detailing and injecting trough the hole :( . I am on a few fish forums and am just spreading this (FreakyFish-forum name) petition around. I hope it can help in some way, I know a few pet shops are against this but not all, so we are trying to do something.

I would love to see those sites BOO cheers!!
Sorry everyone. I totally got the wrong end of the stick. I didn't know that this type of thing existed, how awful.

I will go onto the site and sign the petition. Any animal cruelty is intolerable.

BOO - it is definitely Athley not Ashley - I know its a bit odd!! he he!

Question Author
Thanks Athley! for signing my petition.
I signed it! How awful!
I've signed

This has been going on for years and will only stop when ALL fish shops refuse to sell the fish in question.

Practical fishkeeping magazine have been running a "dyed fish campaign" for a long while now.....i fail to see how this petition is going to do anything as you have no one to actually present the petition to....unless you send it to the OFT or some governing body.

Good luck anyway.
Good luck Kozmic!! Let us know where the petition gets sent to and any outcome if you can. Thanks. :o)
Question Author
This petition is going to get put up in pet shops, who are willing to advertise. This way they will show that they are gainst the dyeing of fish. The pet shops who will not advirtise will show, they are the ones who you should not be buying from. I live in Ireland so I will need others to co-operate by printing and geting their local pet shops to advertise. I will be advertising all around Dublin with the help of some others who are in the fish hobie with me.

Thank's everyone so far for signing, hopefully your signature will count and this can be stoped.

Just signed

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Ban the Dyeing of fish

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