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Biting 3month old Guinea pig

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danilee222 | 13:19 Fri 01st Dec 2006 | Animals & Nature
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I gave 2 of my best friends a Guinea Pig each from my last litter, One of them (who got named Tasha) Has been biting! I have never had a Guinea Pig that bites as much as Tasha does in all my years of owning Cavies. I think it might be because my mates mum is constantly tormenting Tasha. She turns around and snaps at you, it's quite scary to be honest! They got her a salt lick and that didn't help.. My best friend jess has Tasha out for about 1 hour every night, so shouldnt she be tame by now? I told her to not let her mum hold Tash for a few weeks and see what happens. But she doesnt seem to listen to me!! The other Piggie (Bow) doesn't bite my other friend, so its just Tasha.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dani x


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there like humans they have personalitys' of thier own,so it bites,well just dont handle it so much,once they start to bite tjeres not much to do ,i used to have a rabbitt(a dutch) it used to fly at me every time i went in its may have something to do with teritory ?.
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Biting 3month old Guinea pig

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