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My puppy keeps sicking...

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justasking | 15:53 Sat 21st Oct 2006 | Animals & Nature
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My puppy has sicked 3 times today and it is quite a big amount. She also keeps licking her lips alot. She had her first injection for parvo not yesterday the day you think that could be the reason she's being sick?


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I would ring the vet, a puppy should not be sick this amount of times. The main danger is dehydration.

Anything could be causing this, she may have picked up and eaten something she should not eat, it could be the injection.

She needs to see a vet. Soon.
It is unusual to have vomiting after a Vx. Most of the time the reactions are lethargy, anorexia or hives that last for about a day. Is it frothy vomit or like regurgitated food? Does she sneak garbage? Has she had a bowel movement today?
More than likely a bit of gastroenteritis, puppies get this once or twice, its very common, withold her food for 24 hours but makesure she has clean water to drink as she may be dehydrated, then introduce small amounts of cooked white rice, arrowroot biscuits (or Rich Tea) and some cooked chicken or white fish, again in small amounts to see if she will keep it down, if she still cannot keep anything down, go see a vet asap as she will become very listless through dehydration and will need to be put on a drip.
Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies. She is ok now....i think what it was, was i mixed her puppy food with my older dogs senior food (the boxes r identical) I know i feel bad but i'm glad it was nothing serious.

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My puppy keeps sicking...

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