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Lan | 11:14 Fri 13th Oct 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Does anyone have any way of stopping a dog from snoring? sewing a tennis ball into her pyjamas is out of the question, she doesn't like tennis balls.


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I wish I had an answer for you then maybe I could stop my cat from snoring - he woke me up last night because he was snoring so loudly about 3 inches from my head!

I told him to turn over and shut up and he opened one eye, stared at me for a moment then promptly went back to sleep and started snoring again - the little horror!
my cat died a couple of months ago. A couple of years ago I started having problems with him snoring, after trying to lock him out of my bedroom and many other things I eventualy took him to the Vet. She laughed and said that I would just have to put up with it.

It did stop, around about the time he started to wake me up every half hour during the night - "I'm hungry" or "I'm bored" were his usual reasons.

How so much noise can come out of a small animal is amazing.
For what it's worth. I sometimes wake at night to my husband and/ or dog snoring. I have tried all sorts to stop them, but the best result was to hold their nose--very gently-- for a second or two. They usually go Pahh and then stop.
The funny bit is that sometimes I have held my husband's nose and it was the dog that was the culprit!!
Still better than a swift dig in the ribs though!
Hi Lan, I am so loving reading all the funny cat and dog stories on the site and the answers posted so far on this thread have been very funny!
One of my cats snores badly, but she is also a little wheezy during the day which is due to an allegy problem. I take her to the vet regularly and she is given an anti inflamatory injection to help with the wheezing. It also seems to help with the snoring as I think they are linked. Would it be worth taking your dog to the vet to get her checked out for an allegy related problem?

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Snoring dog

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