dogs eating grass?

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dansillysod | 17:34 Sat 16th Sep 2006 | Animals & Nature
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why is it that dogs eat grass?? mine and all mine before have always started munching on flat leaf grass everytime we take them for walks


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It's something to do with them needing something in the grass to help them digest their food. Or sometimes it's if they have an upset tummy and it helps them to bring up whatever they have eaten.

Or it's because they think they are cows.
Dogs eating grass is completely normal. They are omnivores and in the wild they would graze naturally. The spring grass is especially tasty to them. Your dog may eat grass more if there was a deficiency in it's diet or if it was feeling unwell in its gut, but lots of dogs just love to graze anyway, its totally natural.

They actually do eat course/couch grass as a purgative, both for vomiting to rid excess bile/nausea and for bowel clearing. It passes through the gut and out within two hours. As for flowers, beware many common flowers and weeds are toxic to dogs ie sweet peas/foxgloves.
Isn't it because they have a stomch ache?
Most dogs instinctivly know when they need to eat grass when feel it necessary for their daily dose of medicen.
My dog always seems to select a certain type of grass, normally from the same spot.
Be sure to keep your dog away from grass that may have been weed killed or next to a busy roads to avoid contamination, as lankeela says some plants are poisonous, lily of the valley is another one.
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dogs eating grass?

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