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Champagne | 10:05 Wed 21st Jun 2006 | Animals & Nature
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For those of you who read with interest my previous spider escapade, I now have an additional story:

(WARNING!: Do not enter this post if you are easily scared, have a weak heart or are an Arachnophobe like me. For the others, please read on�)

Last night, whilst the rest of the UK eagerly watched that thuggish sport known as football, I stayed in by myself and watched a chick flick. I got up during the film to pop to the toilet, and half way up the stairs I encountered a highly deadly black tarantula! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! It was the biggest house spider ever recorded (of course I have no way of proving this now, as will become clear when you read on, so you'll just have to take my word for it!). Anyhoooo� I let out a scream, which even made the highly deadly black tarantula jump, and my dog came a-running to see what all the excitement was about. He spotted the spider and immediately thought it would be fun to play with it. So the next 5 minutes was spent with me on the staircase watching my Boxer play with the highly deadly black tarantula; him licking the spider, sending it up into the air and the spider getting more and more dazed and confused and clinging desperately onto life. The evil spider didn't stand a chance, and although I didn't want to watch this grizzly death scene I couldn't leave because had I come back to find the spider gone I would have known that it had escaped, hiding in a darkened corner ready to pounce on an unsuspecting me. *eeeurgh*

So there you have it. I am officially an accessory to murder. :'o(

My question is, do any other arachnophobes out there find that they can't kill spiders? As I can't bring myself to do it.


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Here you have proof positive that Boxer dogs have NO innate sense of danger (!)
To answer your question, though. No, can't kill spiders. Anything smaller than my hand is NOT a threat.

Do you have a local pet rescue service? I say "pet": surely someone owns this thing and has let it out for a walk/fresh air or something: probably to consort with large friendly dogs. Spiders are intelligent creatures and are not going to hang around to be tasted by strange four-legged animals.

Good luck. And good hunting.!
Oh no cant kill em,hate em,scared stoopid of em BUT a couple of times i've hit one (the little body,big leg ones)I close ,my eyes say sorry,hit em with a rolled up paper and spend the next hour or so,stating my case to whoever is listening,I will get me dyson on em though,and NO they have never gotten out,!!!One did pull a gun on me once,but i sucked em with me hose and he kissed his ar$e goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i absolutly hate, detest, loath those horrid things,but for an answer to your i could never ever kill 1 b'cos i could never ever get that close to one ....but carrying on from that my daughter sprays them with HAIR SPRAY i know its cruel but it does the trick cos as its drying they get stiffer and stiffer til they are rock solid
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ROFL @ electricblue and Jay!!!

Even if I could get close to them I wouldn't be able to kill them. I just feel bad killing them because I know they are harmless, are good for your home (well they eat flies and moths, don't they?) and it's not their fault that I have 'issues' with them!! I do realise that I am contradicting myself in some ways because I did allow my dog to kill the spider. But then, if my dog has not concept of murder, then can it be classed as such?

I used to spray them with hairspray too when younger of course ! but now i have a gadget with a tube and a fan on it too suck them up with and release out the window that would be fine if i only encountered spiders smaller than the tube. We are getting a lot of them fibre optic spiders as my daughter calls them lately (little body long legs) which dont fit in said gadget!!! how scary!!!
plus boxers are very curious and use thier feet to pat things a lot boxer did it not you I make you innocent.
they scare the crap out of me especially the big hairy long legged beaties but i can't kill them, so i get my neightbour and if he's not around i'll drag some random stranger in of the street ( i have done this) to remove and place outside. I nearly set the fire alarm of at work the other day when i was trapped in a corrider with a massive hardcore (must of been imported from the amazon ) variety spider, it was huge luckily, before i got desperate enough to set the alarm of i got rescued well sort of by one of the sales guy's who saw said creature, shat himself and went got the spider loveing lady from distribution to remove it.
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McFluff, you are by far the biggest scaredy-cat I've ever come across!!! And you're talking to the woman who once trapped a house spider in my bedroom by putting an upturned wicker bin over it, placed a book on top to make sure that the spider didn't lift the wicker bin up (as said scary spiders often do!!!) and then locked the bedroom door and slept on the sofa in the living room that night. But you definitely beat me hands down!!
i'm better than i was on several occaions when i was a kid if there was a spider in my bedroom i wouldn't go back until every bit of furnitire had been removed spider found and disposed of. saying all that i don't want them hurt i'm sure they're nice really. I even had big problems with harry potter & chamber of secrets where they had lots of spiders, i had to leave the cinema at one point!
but seriously you should of seen the size of the one at work, everyone else who saw it agreed that it can't of been a normal english one, it was way to big for that
I dont like spiders they scare me to death but I wont kill them I get my husband to get them and put them outside ,my mother inlaw used to pick them up in her hand erghhhhhh I shudder just to think of it. my cat plays around with them untill he gets fed up but they still live to run off and lay in wait to scare me again
I must say champagne you tell a good story your vivid description is so amuseing
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Thanks tinkertontom :o)
I think that if you dont like spiders and you see one in your home you should just leave it alone. Next time you go back to look it will have gone and you will probably never see it again.

If you're now thinking 'but that means I'll know that there's a great big monsterous spider running loose in the house', just console yourself with this thought - at anyone time, in the average household, there are thousands of spiders.
I can't kill them , i just shout "monster" and my boxers eat them :o)
I don't mind spiders at all, but I'm as terrified of mice as you lot are of spiders. Please tell me I'm not the only one with mouseyphobia.
I useto be abel to kill spiders untill I was tramatized by one that I saw in a dark room whith only the TV light to see.I saw some thing move through the corner of my eye took off my shoe headed torwd the monster and it was a monster when all of a sudden it appeared to see me and charged at me out of feer and shock I jumped on the coffee table.just then my mom came in the room and said what are you doing?I yeld WATCH OUT ITS CRAZY.just then the monster turned and charged at my mom she ran off screeming I finely flung my shoe at it and killed it but have had spider problems every sence
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I can't give you any stars I'm afraid, flyinghippy. Your last statement was too damn disturbing!
I can't kill them either I used to really hate all spiders until I worked in a zoo there I got over a major part of my fear by holding a chili rose tarantula she was lovely, house hold ones get picked up in a glass with a bit of card and put out side, my other half on the other hand hates them if he sees one he will kill it for which I shout at him or if I'm home he will jump on top the closest thing bed,chair,sofa etc and shout for me to get the evil creature he's such a whimp! :-)
We currently have a MOUSE in the house (and no obligatory cat to go with it). Don't know what the thing's eating. Just comes out when the house is quiet. Can you get your tarantula into a brown-paper parcel and send it, Champers and we'll see what kicks off (!)

No, honestly, I'm kidding...I can't kill it. It's small. it's brown. It has large ears and huge black eyes...and..and...I've lost all my formatting buttons!

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