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Litchick | 22:36 Tue 30th May 2006 | Animals & Nature
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How are you getting on dear? I just realised (don't know why I didn't make the connection sooner) that your beloved George was the kitty I read all those lovely hilarious stories about. I have already offered my sympathy but after re-reading the stories, I feel compelled to offer them again and see how you are holding up. xx


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I am oh so much better thanks Litchick. I knew George was old when I got him five years ago, but although he was almost blind losing him was a shock. He had two fits that freaked both of us out.

I am going to get a puppy as I am unable to work due to ill health (after 25 awful years as a Civil Servant). I am alternating between excitement over the puppy and panic at the responsibility of looking after it.

George was a grouchy old man, but he was easy to look after. All I had to do was feed him every five minutes, scratch his ears for 18 hours a day and allow him to sprawl all over my bed at night and not complain about him snoring.

I feel bad crying about a dead cat when there is so much going on in the world. When my parents died (not at the same time) everybody was sympathetic but with a cat they look at you in a weird way.

Thanks for you for nice little message - it was really thoughtful.

Best wishes Wolf63. My partner and I have cried buckets over all our beloved pets over many years. Some kind friends have even sent sympathy cards and one neighbour bought us flowers when we lost a dear departed dog. Our pets have all been very special to us and I so understand how you must be feeling.

Good luck with the puppy. It will have a lovely home!

hi wolf63,

don`t feel you shouldnt be mourning your beloved george, i rescued 3 kittens 11yrs ago all 3 were really ill with cat flu ring worm etc i put my heart into getting them better and i did it. 5 weeks ago one of them got killed on the road outside my home and its broke my heart, and like you said, other people don`t think a cat deserves any sympathy but, my cats are part of my family and i gave him as much respect as i gave my kids. so you grieve for george and sod every unfeeling person who thinks otherwise, take care

Question Author
Question Author
Sorry about the "test" post -- I wanted to say one more thing to Wolf and my computer was acting weird. Anyway, I had to put my 13-year old cat down in 2003 and I have not been able to forgive myself fully yet for doing so. Obviously something was wrong as he was urinating all over the house despite a clean bill of health from the vet and being on two medications. My friends and family convinced me I did the right thing but I still cry for him frequently. I have a new little terror (Lexi) whom I adore and spoil rotten but nothing will replace my first baby....good luck with the puppy -- I'm sure he will be a joy to you. xx

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