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Batty Kitten

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Drusilla | 18:27 Mon 13th Feb 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Our new kitten never ceases to amaze me with her lunacy and has started racing up the lining of my curtains and letting go with her front claws. She actually hangs upside down like a bat for a second or two before leaping to the floor and zooming around the house once more.
Are there any suggestions, that don't involve a shotgun that I can use to stop this behaviour?


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hehe my kitten was just like this hence the name boo coz she used 2 scare the heck out of us by jumping out on you when u least expect it the thing we did was get 1 of those little waterguns n everything u flew up the certains or jumped out on my mum when she had a cup of tea in her hand (that was funny) we used 2 squirt her with it she soon learned

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I've got one pompomfairy, but the little horror's reactions are faster than mine and I end up squirting my daughters'. They think it's hilarious, but I'm longing for a dog.
Drusilla she will soon grow up and grow out of it. enjoy it while it lasts!

Yes Drusilla, this is typical kitten behaviour and after having two kittens grow up, our house at various times has had a trail of torn tights, ragged curtains, destroyed pot plants, and torn threads in carpets and sofas! They do seem to calm down once they've passed through that gangly eight month old phase, but in the meantime they're are perfect candidates for Feline Anti Social Behaviour Orders. Despite this, they are (mostly) adorable at this stage and the only deterrant I can suggest is an occasionally well aimed water pistol.

How about getting a few cardboard boxes for her to play in/with?

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Batty Kitten

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