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Colin Has Been Acting Strange All Morning

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Redhelen72 | 13:07 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
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Since we got up this morning Colin has been acting really strangely.

Counter surfing - something he has not done for about 8 years!

Trying to steal my food from my plate as it sat on the table - something he has never done before.

He also pooped inside - again something he has not done since he was 9 months old!

The really strange thing is he would not go out the door when the dog walker turned - up growling and looking about and looking really worried, he then went and hid round the corner and growled some more until I shut there door.

I attempted to take him out with the puppy on a short walk at lunch but again he did not want to go out the front door.

He was fine yesterday - any ideas?



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Time for a new boyfriend helen? 😁

Jealousy with the new pup?

How old is he?  Is he weeing okay?

Question Author

Barry he is 11 1/2 and is peeing and eating normally 

He also totally ignores me telling him to go to bed etc - I have checked that he has not gone deaf or blind - that is all good

I did wonder if its was jealousy but he is playing with her today.

Are you on a fault line?

Question Author

Yeah as in its the husbands fault?

No - I don't thinks so Pasta.

Test his urine .

Have you had really wild weather overnight?  I know it's been appalling in the SW and I saw on facebook that someone's dog had gone missing because the high winds scared him.  Could he be scared of the gales?

Question Author

Yes the wind has been strong and we are on top of a hill.

But the wind was stronger on saturday. Unless the wind was coming from another direction this morning?


Question Author

He loves the wind - he will stand in the back garden and let it blow through his ears - we even took up un slieve donard and the cairngorms in previous years and he loved the windy weather.

Oh bless him, has he poss seen the new puppy do any of these things and not get told off maybe , so thought he wud try it on himself??

I should get him checked by the vet if the odd behaviour continues. Tilly(1) developed dementia at the end of her life and it was obvious that she was confused and distant as the days went on.

Question Author

Smow - whilst the puppy has not been told off for messing she is being discouraged - if that makes sense - that was himselves first thought too.

Tilly - I know I wondered that too - but he was wagging his tail when the dog walker came back just now but would not go out - its all very strange


Like Tilly, I thought perhaps the onset of dementia. One of my dogs succumbed to that - but he was 15.  Other than that perhaps, because of the new puppy, he's attention seeking.  I would speak to the vet.

How's Colin now, Helen?

Question Author

Hi Tilly, I think some of his behaviour was attention seeking as he stopped most of it when himself came home.

But when they went out for a boys walk he still wasn't keen on going out the front door and apparently was a bit skittish when walking near traffic (something that has never bothered him before)

he is certainly more like the Colin pre puppy this morning 

thanks for asking 

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Colin Has Been Acting Strange All Morning

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