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Should I Stop Taking My Dog To Get His Nails Trimmed At A Vet Where Two Of The Reviews Say They Saw The Doctor Hit A Dog?

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Cindy1302 | 01:05 Thu 14th Mar 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I was looking at the reviews of a vet I take my dog to have his nails clipped. Most of the reviews was positive, but one review said they saw the doctor punch a dog, and another said that they saw the doctor abuse a dog. I'm thinking of taking my dog somewhere else, but I'll have to spend a lot more money.



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Is this the place you said weren't trimming your dog's nails correctly?

Question Author

No this is a different place

Two separate reviews say they saw this vet hit/abuse a dog and you're not sure? I wouldn't go anywhere near the place.

Don't always believe negative reviews. I have known false negative reviews being traced back to competitors!

//Most of the reviews was positive,//

What was the ratio?

Do you stay with the dog when he gets his nails clipped?  If yes - I would not move to another vet.

Does your dog seem scared of the vet?  Have you seen the Vet being rough with him? Move Vets.

If it seems like a happy place - stay.

Don't believe all of the reviews unless they are mostly bad.



Buy a pair of nail clippers and do them yourself.  Saves yourself money and having to ask other people what they think you should do.

Lankeela are you sure Cindy will be able to do that?  Because my daughter said she's clip my dog's nails and he screamed in pain because she took off more than she should.  We were both so upset.  Apparently so many people make this mistake with their poor dogs and it is agony for them. My current dog goes to Pets at Home and you can watch him being groomed through the full space window.

Cindy have a look at this please.,can%20cut%20a%20bit%20closer.

PS.  Why are you going to a vet?  Groomers will cut your dog's nails ane be cheaper than a vet. 

This is a strange one. I would think that if a vet was of a mind to punch and abuse an animal, he wouldn't do it when he could be seen.

I'd be interested to read what other customers had to say about him, but having said that, I don't think I'd want to take the risk.

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Should I Stop Taking My Dog To Get His Nails Trimmed At A Vet Where Two Of The Reviews Say They Saw The Doctor Hit A Dog?

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