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Rescue Cat Again

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lindylou16 | 16:07 Mon 18th Dec 2023 | Animals & Nature
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Following the advice given(thank you)she has settled in great except for her nightime habits 😀. She goes out at night and stays out until morning and one call she comes in,breakfast then bed.I don't mind this but would rather her out in the daytime.Question is could or should I change this pattern or is this a cats life! She seems very happy and contented but as I said before this may have been her previous life style 



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Do you have a bell on her collar and a quick release system?

Are you anywhere near a road?

I never like my cats going out at night but if she is comfortable and happy then I would just try and bring her in at spring time with the baby birds about early in the morning.

Also make sure you keep her worming and flea up todate - she will be catching all sorts out there at night time

One of my cats used to snuggle up beside me in bed at night. If I woke up in the wee small hours he wasn't there (out through the cat flap). Did what cats do all night, but was always there in the morning.

I gave you this answer on one of your previous threads about this problem.

// Night time is when they are more likely to get killed on the roads.  For my two cats.  I had a special cat flap fitted in the door which could be set for when they came in and out.  They wore a small monitor on their collars which I set at different times winter and summer so that once they came in at night they couldn't get out again until the time I had set for the next day.  These are especially useful in Spring when the baby birds are out feeding early. I would keep them in until about 9am during that period.  Have a look on Amazon I'm sure you'll find something suitable.  Our garden birds are precious and their numbers are diminishing each year,  They need our help, this is one way of doing it as well as keeping your cat safe:-) \\

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Rescue Cat Again

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