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Fao Ladybirder And Redhelen

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Barmaid | 18:50 Wed 08th Nov 2023 | Animals & Nature
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Ladybirder, I know you took Jay to see Uncle Vet yesterday, how did you get on?

RedHelen, same for you and Bolly.

Miss Emily is somewhat improved but not 100% but she is very grumpy being on house arrest.



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Unfortunately, Bollinger will need to go back to the vets today as there has been no 'movement' so will need more evasive action - poor little ***.

Ladybirder - have you tried Loxicom? Jess is on it and we don't give it to her in 1 dose but split the dose to morning and night - what a difference the vet is impressed.

An enema, Helen?

She had one last night Tilly - it hasn't worked!

So there was talk about attaching her to a drip for several hours and then trying something else - so not sure if they will give her another one whilst they have her.

I will phone at lunch time

No I haven't tried Loxicom RH as the problem has never reoccurred.  But I'll remember this if it does, thank you.  Hope Bolly gets sorted soonest.  We do worry about our pets don't we.  

Jay just used all 4 of his legs to take a few steps in the garden before lifting the left rear again.  An improvement albeit a small one:-)

RH do you this means Bolly's diet might need to be changed to something with more fibre in it.  That's what I did with Jay.  I sprinkle a few pieces of Pro Fibre over his food.  Just a suggestion.


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Fao Ladybirder And Redhelen

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