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Fao Ladybirder And Redhelen

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Barmaid | 18:50 Wed 08th Nov 2023 | Animals & Nature
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Ladybirder, I know you took Jay to see Uncle Vet yesterday, how did you get on?

RedHelen, same for you and Bolly.

Miss Emily is somewhat improved but not 100% but she is very grumpy being on house arrest.



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Barmaid, ladybirder posted on yesterday's morning thread.  

Just going into the vets now.

fingers crossed 

Thanks for your interest Barmaid.  She, Aunty Vet, pulled his legs and hips about and he screamed and she apologised and said it was necessary.  I think it distressed me almost as it distressed Jay.  Mainly it's just old age I'm afraid, sore hips and knees, got Arthritis in hips, motability problems.  I asked her to scribble it down on paper for me as I would forget as soon as I left.  My memory has almost gone for new things. Anyway she's put him on painkillers for 2 weeks and see how he is after that.  He's struggling poor chap.  Only two 5 minute walks a day for 2 weeks so he can do his business but he hasn't done it at all today and doesn't want to go out.  His BFF who lives across the corridor has just taken him out for 5 mins but he didn't do anything so ...

My fingers crossed too.  For all three Furies.  X

Sorry, I should have said ladybirder posted about Jay on yesterday's morning thread.  Poor little boy is suffering.

Oops.  Cross posted LB.  I'll buzz off.

Pain killers might constipate him

Poor little chappie.  I can empathise with him xx

Did the vet mention Metacam at all, LB?

Thank you Naomi.

Calm it says on the packet he might get Diarrhoea.

If he's insured, ask about Librela injections once a month. They've changed our dogs life.

Question Author

Awww, poor thing LadyB. Hopefully painkillers will give some relief. He sounds as if he is adapting in his own way tho. It's so upsetting when our pets are not well.

Sorry I didnt see your other post, Ive been run ragged.  I should have looked!!

Fingers crossed for Bolly.


It's the same as Metacam Tills but under another name.  

He was too old to insure when I rescued him Vagus.  They don't like dogs over 8 years old and he was, at a guess, 10.  I've had 7 dogs during my long life and I paid 10 years' worth of subscriptions for my 2nd dog and never claimed once.  So I keep an account for my dogs and have saved a lot of money.  I think these dog insurance companies are a rip off.  I believe "Which" says much the same.

I'll have a look at the Librela injection recommended, thanks for that, and see what I think but he's got 13 days on his present Prescription only Meds so we'll see how he goes.

Ok Bolly has severe constipation, which the felt feels is causing some of the confusion, blood pressure, teeth and temperature are all excellent. So she has had antibiotics, steroids and an enema . If that doesn't work then she is back for several hours on a drip tomorrow.

Question Author

Awww poor Bolly. And poor Bolly slaves for dealing with kitty enema. But sounds as if they have a handle on it.

Poor  Bolly, but at least he can be helped.  That's what happens with old age!  Again I can empathise 😂

There has been no movement yet!! It's the one time I wish she would stink the place out!

It'll happen in the middle of the night!🤢

Guaranteed Tilly 🤣

Vagus I'm afraid as he has Pancreatitis so Librela injections will not be suitable for him.  Thank you though.

I hope Bolly's enema works soon, poor J ripped his anus when he got constipated.

And on that cheerful note I'll go and pour myself a drink.

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Fao Ladybirder And Redhelen

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