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Would The Dog Have Protected Me Or Just Carried On Standing There?

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Hudson95 | 21:04 Sun 05th Feb 2023 | Animals & Nature
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I was beaten to a pulp by 3 thugs a few weeks ago at the park. At the end if the beating 2 of the thugs held my legs while the other booted me in the balls over and over again. This big black dog came over and just stood there. Sometime later he was whistled and he went off. I was still being booted in the balls. If he wasn't whistled would he have protected me or just carried on standing there ?


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why would it?
Probably just stood there he was not your dog so owed you no allegiance.
I hope you are on the mend and the police are hunting your attackers
Dogs tend to protect only their own family and friends.
Is this a bad dream you've had?
Why would an unknown dog protect you?
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-- answer removed --
You must have made a quick recovery if beated to a pulp three weeks ago and now you are on here asking such ridiculous questions. Do I detect someone who is telling porkies or maybe a wind up merchant who has been here before?
Black dogs matter.
You need to put it in a plastic bag and hang it from the nearest tree, Doug.
Welcome to Answerbank, Hudson. As you can see we are a friendly lot.
In my experience dogs run away from aggression if their owner isn’t involved, it is very unusual for them to be a passive spectator to a fight between people he has no connection to.

Glad you are recovering
That was Black Shuck (Google it) - it portends death.
Beaten to a pulp 5th Feb, balls bitten off 5th March, best to stay in bed 5th April.

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Would The Dog Have Protected Me Or Just Carried On Standing There?

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