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DarceyK123 | 23:48 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Im going to be working permanently from home now so was thinking of getting a dog.

Im happy to take it out 2-3 times a day but between these times i have to do some work! I will be there with it but wont be able to devote my entire day to it.

Are there any particular breeds that will happily chill after a long walk or run or am i being cruel?

Only ever had collies before who needed most of the day.

Any suggestions?


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I believe Labs are quite chilled out dogs.
Thought about a rescue greyhound Darcey ....
Absolutely second Sam’s suggestion….between exercise, they’re one of the most chilled dogs I know and very loving as well
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Had thought about a greyhound but was told you cant let them off the lead due to their obvious high chase drive, i do like long walks in the park.
An extending dog lead lets your dog have a good sniff in the park ...
And you're still in charge......... just a thought !!
Are greyhounds required to wear muzzles when out walking in the UK, they are here in Oz ...?
Not to my knowledge Steff
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Probably not the dog for me as i often take my sons Collie when going to the park, he likes a good run off lead and has good recall but wouldnt be fair to let one off and not the other.
I guess not, looking at the web site, so perhaps that’s not a requirement. Just interested, is all. The extended lead sounds like a good move.
Best dog for chilling out would surely be a Husky...
my brother belongs to a scheme that loans dogs out, to be eventually trained as guide dogs, he has had several and they have been Labradors, retrievers i think. He has them for a time, takes the dog out several times a day, and they chill quite happily. I think the scheme is run by the RNIB.
My mate has two golden retrievers and are frankly bone idle between walkies.
lovely dogs though ^
If you get a pup they will need a lot of looking after no matter what breed.
whippet / poodle / doodle ?
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^^that was quick^^
Well done.
got to get them 1ozzy... they are a blessed pain
I had a rescue lurcher...whippet x. Possibly with greyhound as she was somewhat larger than a whippet. She had no prey drive whatsoever and also lived happily with my cat. She never wore a muzzle. Wonderful couch potato.
Her ex racing greyhound...was totally different. Required a muzzle and had a lot of issues...he was rehomed to me in a hurry on the weekend of the first lockdown and not enough was known about him.
You should make enquiries with both local and larger rescue groups. A good one will match you with the correct dog. It's not all about the breed.
my collie (who is young)! just lounges in bed or on the sofa or on my lap if i let him for most of the day!

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