Pretty Kitty's Visit To The Vet

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tiggerblue10 | 11:42 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Aww...what a little gorgeous pudding! That lovely vet gives so much attention.
Question Author
He really is a lovely vet, Pasta ;o)
I was binge-watching his videos yesterday. I like how they translate what the cats say as well. I like the ones where the cats are going ballistic and he keeps calling them 'Honey'.

This is another good one

Question Author
Some of the cat translations are so funny, Susan ;o)
What a little beauty..Too darn cute!
..and the kitten :-))

The girl with the long hair is his sister.

He seems to specialise in bad tempered cats!
I wish my cat’s vet looked like him ;-)
We had a Greek vet for a while. He was going back to Athens to open a cat clinic.

He was really patient with Princess Merlin and talked nicely to her. However, she decided to launch herself at him half way through the visit.

I went to attempt to stop her and she went ballistic and bit and scratched me. The nice vet cleaned and dressed my wounds. Merlin seemed pleased with herself.

Typical mad Queen behaviour Susan

Boys are so much more docile :-)
Totally agree. Her poor brother was usually the one who got beat up.

He'd greet her in the morning nose to nose and she would just punch him with an armed paw.

They are complicated and amusing individuals.


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Pretty Kitty's Visit To The Vet

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