Keira Noel Fitzpatrick's Dog

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burlyshirley | 18:17 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Do all you dog lovers on here know that Keira has passed away, a year after her accident when Noel fought valianty to save her life. He says he has 'given her back to the starlight'. I can only imagine how heartbroken he will be feeling now.


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Its heartbreaking when you lose pet.
Oh noooo!
He must be absolutely devastated, that pup was his companion.
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Apparently he's not ready yet to make a statement about her loss. I remember how hurt he was when she was run over and he had to operate on her, a very moving programme.
To be honest I can't stand the bloke. I do hope that this pup had a good quality of life in her last year, and was not just kept going for his selfish reasons. Harsh, I know, but sometimes its braver to let them go when its their time.
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I doubt he would do that, he loved her and she recovered very well from surgery. It was probably her time as she wasn't a young dog.
14 is a good age, however it does not make it any easier. At least she probably died in his arms and not under a truck. Small blessings.
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Indeed APG.
Sorry for starting another thread SB, I should have known you would be on the ball with this;-))
Ohhh Nooo, he’ll be devastated , she was his baby , SK sad x
No idea where SK came from , typo :0(
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Like I said on your thread lb, not a problem x

You gave out info. that I didn't.

Yes, he will be devastated Bobbs.

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Keira Noel Fitzpatrick's Dog

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