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Oh goodness, my teeth are aching from the sweetness!
That's what you need Tiggs...a tiny Chihuahua and a kitten.
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Oh yes, Pasta! I wouldn't get any work done playing with them and watching them play ;o)
And a mouse to make up a threesome.
Chihuahuas are on my evil dog list alongside Jack Russells and Yorkies. :-)

It is nice that they are both babies together and will, hopefully, grow up to be best friends.
So adorable!..
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If they were mine, I'd never get anything done, ever. I'd be too busy playing, cuddling and loving the pair of them ! Love the two dogs (adult and pup) lower down, as well.
Too cute. I love that the dog doesn't yet understand that really he should be attacking the cat. They will grow up together to be the best of friends.

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