I Didnt Realise How Clever Chickens Are

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GormetSkinTag | 22:17 Mon 03rd May 2021 | Animals & Nature
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So after my rain of terror of PAS (peck and squirt) and PAP(peck and prod) I really thought the problem was solved. I spent around 8 hours with them per day but the brown bantam one just is remarkable. When I am there and the other Polish chickens are there she will look like up and turn her head to the side. If she doesn't see me she pecks the polish chucks. So I am 100% she will not do it when I am there. You might think she is scared but she isn't she comes and eats from my hand. Anyway I have a transparent roof on the coop so I decided to watch from my balcony and low and behold he was pecking again. Unbelievable. So she is clever and I tried to walk with no noise. Then when she did it I pounded on the top of the coop but that just disturbed all the chickens. So I put some squirt holes in. I read 10cm is what a fox can get in so I made them 5. I am still battling this evil
. I have 2 squirt holes in the coop I can just about get her with the water pistol if she does . IF the ones she picked on did not have deformed heads that she might kill them with 1 peck I really would let them battle and only intervene when not nice. Bit this evil has to be stopped.

Also we have 2 polish chucks. 1 is like a puppy and the 2nd is shy. Well the 2nd is now starting to pick on the puppy one. This is the nature of the world I guess and this is why you have so many people on here arguing.

What causes this in simple chickens though? Why? What? All they do is walk, cluck and poop? Why do they have evil and some don't?


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I Didnt Realise How Clever Chickens Are

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