Colored Dove

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Chipchopper | 09:33 Tue 04th May 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Among the many species of birds that visit my garden, for the last two mornings, I've seen a single colored dove. (never seen one around here before), and it appears to be collecting nesting material.
Do you think it will be setting up home nearby ?


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most likely chip.
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Yes Emmie, I don't think it would want to fly too far with a beak full of twiggs.
no they wouldn't. would be lovely to see where they nest.
Think this is a collared dove. Once quite rare in this country, I remember the excitement when a pair arrived in our local park when I was a little girl. Sounds like they are nesting not too far away from you. Lovely
The first collared dove in the UK was seen in the 1950s, now they are a blerdy menace, they decimate crops and spread disease which affects crops, chickens and native birds. They are considered to be a pest species
You may get fed up of their monotonous cooing.
koo-KOO-kook koo-KOO-kook koo-KOO-kook koo-KOO-kook...(ad nauseam),,,koo-KOO-kook - kook.
I have a pair in my garden all the time, they sit on the bird feeder and gobble the lot. I do have woodpigeons nesting in my garden this year which is pretty cool as their nest is not very high and I can see it and them in it clearly.
Mrs Collared Dove is sitting in the guttering on the house behind mine while hubby Dove brings her mouthfuls of twigs. She has been there now for about a week or so, even through all the wind and rain. I can see her from where I am sitting and although I don't feed the birds (with five dogs it would be chaos) I did fill an upside down frisbee with water when it was dry and put some bread crumbs out but all I got was a blackbird. There was a magpie appeared on the fence a few days ago and I was ready to see him off as they can eat the eggs or chicks - have never seen him before and it was a shock as he was quite a big one.

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Colored Dove

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