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Chicken Coop Blues

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GormetSkinTag | 21:03 Fri 23rd Apr 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Hello we have 5 ornamental chickens. 2 fluffy ones black and white , 2 Poland birds oth white heads and 1 black 1 brown. Also we have 1 brown miniature hen like a bantam.

We bought then all at the same time yet the brown miniature hen , KFC, started to peck the poland hens all the time they are petrified of her. Because of the shape of their head I have read this is dangerous because part of the skull is exposed. Also when roosting time they all snuggle up and there is a lot of pecking. I put the 2 poland chickens high up and it seams the 2 oversized fluff balls bully the brown bantam.

So it looks like the brown bantam gets bullied then starts bullying the other 2 poland chickens. The 2 giant fluff balls don't bother the 2 poland chickens.

Anyway today I got a long stick and water pistol and every time KFC pecked the 2 poland ones I squirted or hit her.

The 2 poland chickens are like a puppy they always come running up to me and the others aren't scared of me. But the brown bantam is now really scared of me. I cornered her today and after a lot of struggling I held her down and tried to stroke her but there was no stopping struggling.

I will spend 1 more day with the stick and water pistol to make sure the bullying of the 2 poland ones has stopped. But then how do I start beguiling a relationship with the brown bantam? I guess she will now always be scared of me?


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If you mean you are hitting her with the stick then stop immediately and find the Bantam a new safe home.
Dagnabbit! I was hoping this was going to be news of a newly discovered Robert Johnson song...
bird flocks are always one breed. Flocks of pigeons dont fly with crows. Give your hens lots of space to avoid bullying or separate them. Stop beating them for your ignorance!
If you can't CARE for your hens, find a new home for them. Hitting is totally out of order. Your bantam will never trust you again.
Is this for real? Do people who keep ornamental chickens usually hit them with sticks? This poor bantam seems like a very sad chicken who is clearly unhappy with the company she shares her life with - both you and the others. Have a heart and rehome her.
Please supply your name and address and I will inform the RSPCA. How would you respond to someone beating you with a stick because you were not friends with who they wanted you to be friends with? You are an idiot and should be reported ,and your hens taken off you,
// bird flocks are always one breed//

Wrong! In the wild maybe, but I have four different breeds of hens all getting along together nicely.
Question Author
You know when I said hit I mean like a gentle prod? To be honest the water pistol is far more effective it makes them scarper giving them a little hit they just look at the stick. I only use the stick when they are in their coop I don't want to get it wet. But like I say its pretty ineffective as I don't want to hurt them.
It's quite funny that you think I am beating chicken though seriously.
Also the shop owners told me they would be 100% fine together and they have a huge amount of space.
But let's put this aside for a second I have been vegan now for 11 years I am pretty sure the people accusing me of cruelty have contributed far more terror to chickens than me with a squirt and a prod. My misses told me there were some characters on here.
She was right, we are the type of characters who don't prod birds with a stick.
Question Author
I bet you eat chicken though right?
your action in hitting your bantam could be considered as chicken.....
Oh please...don't go all 'so superior I'm better than you because I'm a vegan'. That's been cancelled out by your treatment of animals in your care.
Question Author
I'm protecting 2 other smaller chickens though. You guys pay for male chickens to be ground up alive at birth and then to live in terror for their short horrific lives until they get decapitated. I'm squirting an aggressor or prodding to prevent her killing 2 other chickens. I know who is the chicken. I bet you couldn't kill your own chicken to eat. Far too chicken for that.
Question Author
Pastafreak I'm not taking the moral high ground at all its you who think torturing a chicken for some months then cutting its head off it better than prodding a chicken to prevent it hurting 2 others. Mind boggling really
Sorry, I am a country lad by birth and yes I have killed a chicken before, plenty of them. Stop being a prize-berk, there's no need for cruelty in prodding the cluckers.
Question Author
This chicken viciously attacks 2 smaller ones cant you understand that? Do I just let them fight it out? I dont have the material ready to divide them until Monday. Well done you have killed a chicken. I am protecting them and I am the bad one. Makes real sense right? So much sense. Great sense everywhere
No, remove the one that is attacking the others.
If you had zero idea of how to look after them then you shouldn't have bought them in the first place....a vegan that abuses chickens....well there's a new one.....
Just separate them - if a common compound, just get some wood or whatever to make a partition. I bet you or your neighbours have something apropos.
As a question, when they are producing eggs what do you do with them - sell them or give them away? Anyway, it doesn't matter as my question is that if you are a vegan, isn't it hypocritical to be doing this? If you are a vegetarian, then this is different.

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Chicken Coop Blues

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