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tiggerblue10 | 09:17 Fri 26th Feb 2021 | Animals & Nature
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How terrifying for her dog walker who was shot by dognappers and stole her dogs. Hope they catch the scum.


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hope they find these thugs
$500,000 if dogs returned no questions asked. Disgraceful. Rewarding crime, and murder.
the dog walkers condition isn't known, but half a million dollars seems to be a lot, i know she can afford it, but even so.
Head above parapet moment here , if I had that kinda money , I'd do the same if it was Lola
I hope the dog Walker fully recovers and being an exclusive neighbourhood, there's surely cameras there, let's hope these sub humans are caught

If I had that sort of money I would choose to live somewhere other that central Los Angeles I guess
Terrible, terrible, terrible and I too would fork that amount out if I had it to get back my beloved dog. Poor dog walker.
So you would all succumb to kidnapping and blackmail.
No wonder scum floats......on a luxury yacht...
Sad thing is this will no doubt make even more dogs at risk because of the high rewards. Even in this country offering a reward is thought to encourage even more dog thefts - so many dogs being stolen at present that it is getting dangerous to even walk your dogs anywhere. Time the sentencing for dog theft was finally increased - they are not the same as a mobile phone or laptop. Also if people stopped paying ridiculous prices for puppies then it wouldn't encourage certain sectors of our community to steal them.
I think when your own precious dog is missing and you feel a hefty reward would get him/her back, you would go with it because all you can think about is your own much loved dog and what it may be going through. Wrong to criticise someone for offering a reward I feel. You are in the moment and you want your dog back.
The poor dogs must be so confused and frightened at what is happening to them. It really is a vile crime. I hope I would resist offering a reward because of the obvious reasons. But my heart would be breaking.
I have mentioned on here before that I think my Jay was stolen. He was certainly sold online by travellers before eventually arriving at a Rescue.
Would rather she offered half a mill to help return a missing child.
Who's to say she wouldn't Paigntonian?

I can't find it in my heart to criticise her in this.

I hope and pray the dog walker recovers well.
Lady Gaga has offered this reward cos she can afford it and remember - they are her children so you would pay this amount for your children. Hope she gets them back soon.

I'm now aware - my Maxie didn't want to go home yesterday and he stood at the top of a little incline in the park - the attitude I don't want to go home - at that moment I just thought - anybody could lift him and I wouldn't have been able to run after to get him.
This is the first I've read/heard about this... honestly words fail me so agree with Bobbi...

'I hope the dog Walker fully recovers and being an exclusive neighbourhood, there's surely cameras there, let's hope these sub humans are caught'
I wouldn't 'resist' offering a reward, I would do what was best for me and my beloved missing dog because that is all that would matter to me, I wouldn't think 'I can't offer a reward because it may encourage other dog thefts'. Silly to suggest so, in my opinion.
Gaga seems about right.
I have to be honest, while I have no issue with GaGa's offer of a reward for her pups, I can't see how the "no questions asked" thing would wprk. She may allow them to get away with the dogknapping, but surely the police would have a few questions to ask about a possible attempted murder charge?
I bet it was just as terrifying for the poor dogs tigger.
There doesn't appear to be any more news on them.
Wouldn't surprise me if Lady Gaga receives a ransom note !
//Lady Gaga's two French bulldogs, which were stolen by thieves who shot and wounded the dog walker, were handed over to the Los Angeles Police Department on Friday evening.\\
And the walker is OK and will not have any permanent damage.
Just hope they catch the thieves now. I wonder if anyone got paid $500k?

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