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Cat Cannot Pee

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interele | 22:14 Thu 05th Nov 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Before anyone says anything - we can already see £6k of vet bills in the rear view mirror with no explanation so far, so I thought I would take a punt and post here just in hopes.

5 weeks ago our cat suddenly stopped peeing, One day he was fine and then the next day we noticed he hadn't been. The day after he went to the vet and he had his bladder drained. He was put on antibiotics and hypovase. Since then he has been weird ie excessively friendly and a bit 'spaced out' but he settled into peeing every 24 - 36 hours for a while and then stopped again . Back to the vet and they emptied his bladder again. Last Friday he stopped again and went back to the vet yet again and got emptied. Then they put him on antibiotics, hypovase and dantrolene. After that his peeing became even more sporadic and on Tuesday we went back to the vet and got drained again. Since then he is wandering around like he in in a different world and seems to have problems relating to things. He is now back at a specialist vet and the diagnostic silence is deafening.

Any thoughts



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How old is he? Cats are quite notorious in getting kidney problems, particularly over about 7 years old. They don't hydrate themselves well. Sorry, I can't really help, but I hope you get some answers soon.
And is he a long hair ? My beautiful boy - a chinchilla had bladder probs but Ziggi my rag doll seems to be ok fingers crossed
I can't offer anything constructive either...except to ask if the vet has done a scan?
Hope it's sorted...he must be a very uncomfortable boy.
Plus - are you feeding a specific diet - I imagine the vet has already suggested this
Some years ago now, my male cat couldn't pee and was in terrible pain. Turns out he had struvite stones. They had to be removed under anesthetic. He is now on a special urinary diet. Hope you soon get him sorted.
Hi Mal, have they explored a neurological reason? I ask this because we had to have our cat (British short-haired, called Eric) put to sleep in the summer. He had suffered a tail pull injury, it damaged the nerve that tells the brain that the bladder needs emptying. It may be that this nerve is working intermittently? Unfortunately for Eric this damage was irreversible and the vets could do nothing for him. I hope you get a definitive answer soon.
I am not a vet,but the problem does not sound like a bladder problem but one of a urethral stricture and if so may well be difficult to treat.
The problem also involves disturbances with the electrolytes due to back pressure on the kidneys and subsequent kidney failure.
The diagnosis needs confirming and depending upon the age of the cat,euthanasia may be the kindest option.
I'm beginning to wish I'd gone to vet school. Seriously.
Sorry Mal, this doesn't sound good, an urethral obstruction. You've done him proud, don't let him suffer.
Good luck both of you.
Only kind thoughts Mal. As ladybirder writes, don’t let him suffer.

Our cats are luckier than some humans, in that there is a swift route out of suffering and indignity. It should be so for us, too.

Agreeing with ladybirder and Allen ...heartbreaking i know. Kind thoughts to all
Question Author
Many thanks to everyone who chipped in. We have finally got a diagnosis. He has a brain tumour which is just messing him up
big time. The vet say that all being well they can offer a treatment
that may give him months if not years ( If all goes to plan )
so we are going to go for it.. To douglas9401 - you are right
we are in the wrong careers we are looking at a £20k bill... ouch !
Oh, how sad! I do hope any treatment gives him a good quality of life. My thoughts are with you...and do keep us updated.
Hope the treatment goes well.

Did you have pet insurance?
I oresume the diagnosis has been made on a brain scan or MRI? If that is so then fine, but if not then I would holdback on money and treatment.
Good luck and best wishes whichever path you choose to go down.
Question Author
Yes, he has had a MRI scan ( and God know what else now he 's with a specialist vet ) The vet is optimistic ( with a dose of realism ) . I didn't
want a holiday or new car ... or food anyway !
Your choice then.
Question Author
Got to do it if it gives him some quality time. He is a rescue cat so he's had it tough. He had some issues and was 8 when we got him so he isn't insured ( fortunately our other rescue cat was only a year old when we got her so she is )
You need to make a decision which will be the kindest thing you do for him. It sounds like it's time for him to be given a release from his torment.

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Cat Cannot Pee

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