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Why Does My Puppy Stop Every 2 Metres When Out For Walks

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winkyridg | 10:29 Wed 08th Apr 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Hi, we have a 3 month old Border Terrier pup, he always gets excited when he knows he's going for a walk yet when we're out he stops about every 2 metres, sits down or looks back, we have keep pulling the lead to get him going again, it takes us longer to get him to the local field than toget round it, the field's about 800 yards away and it's big, going home he's not a problem , he pulls all the way home,any ideas why he does this ive had my share of dogs but none have ever done this, any ideas?


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Could be adhering to c19 directive and checking no one is closer to him than two metres coincidence or what .
How long have you had the puppy and where did you get it ?
Some puppies are like this and just takes time to adjust to the outside world. Shame because of this virus doubt if he has been socialised with others.
Hes only 3 months old, and really doesn't need...nor should he have...too much exercise.
Here is a guide according to age.

I'd also not be pulling him to make him move, it's just counter productive and you'll end up with a puppy that doesn't want to walk. He may be eager to go home because of this...and he's tired
You are right pastafreak, puppies should only have a short walk so that their bones can develop.
He only has little legs; perhaps 50 yards is as much as he wants to walk ?
Pulling is not the answer. You need to encourage him to walk with either titbits or a toy and lots of nice talk telling him what a good boy he is. Same on the way home, or else he will end up pulling all his life if you don't stop it now. Make walking with you more interesting than pulling ahead or stopping.
Take the phone off him, if he's stopping to text. :0)
He's just dog-tired.

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Why Does My Puppy Stop Every 2 Metres When Out For Walks

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