German Shepard/lab Mix

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NueVaaj | 19:14 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | Animals & Nature
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We are planning to get a dog and there's this one that really catches our eyes but me being the researcher I had to research the breed first. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on this breed. The dog is a German Shepard/Labrador mix. For those who have one or don't have one, do you think this dog is a dog for beginners? I'll comment more questions that I have.


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Both are great dogs, need a positive owner, to be fair, if you can be that person, go for it. You don't need to be OTT, just be positive, lovely mix.
A fantastic mix both breeds are loyal, both breeds are hard workers so will need lots of exercise
My last dog was a Lab/GSD and he was a great companion. He was older when he adopted me but he settled into the house with no problem.
As long as you are prepared to make sure it’s properly trained then I think it will be a lovely dog, but then would be the case for almost any dog you chose. I don’t have any experience of Labs but if I had the room I’d have a GSD in a heartbeat.
Im not a lover of either breed but that's just me, they are both great companions and with some good training you will have a good and dedicated dog for sure.
A really good mix.
Guide Dogs for the Blind are increasingly using these lovely dogs now.
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How about their temperament in general and with other people? We don't have a lot of dogs around here or even a close doggy park and I heard they should socialize to get to know others better, but with not that many dogs or a doggy park, I don't know how that would work out.
How old will the dog be when it comes to you?
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about 3 months
Both great dogs in temperement and intelligence. However, one big snag with both breeds is a tendency for hip dysplacia. You will have to try and see the heritage. I have owned both breeds and grew up with my father's working Alsation. My last dog,a yellow Labrador, had the worst dysplacia the vet had ever seen. :-(
I just read your other post.....who is the "we" who are planning to get a dog as your other post indicates its only you in your family who want one.
I didn't even realise this was the same person Woofgang - someone messing around perhaps!
Answer is there is no answer - it is not a 'breed' it is a cross therefore will inherit genes from both parents and it would depend on their temperament and health as in all the current fad designer crosses such as Cockapoos and Labradoodles. One breed name is actually German Shepherd dog and anything crossed will have a relatively high prey drive and need firm but fair training plus suitable socialising.

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German Shepard/lab Mix

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