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bhg481 | 19:47 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | Animals & Nature
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Does anybody know what's happened to the New Forest Goshawk nest? Two chicks earlier today, now only one, looking dead, and lots of down all over the nest.


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The smallest chick has died and has been fed to the bigger chick. The little one was struggling to eat and is thought to have been afflicted by Trichomoniasis. It's a blessing that it's dead, really but so, so sad.

We can only hope that the remaining chick will stay healthy and eventually fledge.

Have a look at all the comments below the web cam, Bhg.
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Thanks Tilly.
You are welcome. I'm in tears.
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I've just looked back at the site and seen the 3rd chick moving about ie, not looking dead. Poor internet access at the moment as I'm not at home.
I can't see any comments below the web-cam. Can you expand on that please Tilly?
Are you on Facebook, Bhg?
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No, just the website you gave a link to a few weeks ago.
This is what it says, under the web cam, Bhg.

'New Forest Gateway is now using the Facebook plugin. This enables all Facebook users to comment and share as they wish on all aspects of the New Forest Gateway Nestcams. The newest posts appear at the top.
Your comments here are visible to everyone. However anonymous users cannot see your Facebook page without having a Facebook page of their own and then only if your profile or posts have been made public by you.'

So, I conclude that if you are not a Facebook user, you cannot see that. I joined Facebook purely to be able to access the web cams and sites. I never use it as a social thing. I'll let you know more of what has been said tomorrow, Bhg. It's time to eat now. Bye. I'll post tomorrow in Twitching and Birdwatching, if you would like to know more about what's gone on.
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Thanks for all that, Tilly.
Oh No, I've been asking questions on my original thread. I don't do Facebook. How annoying that's the only way to find out what's going on. At LG you can read all the comments. Yesterday I noticed for smallest chick looked in trouble with it's mouth open all the time. When I looked today and saw only one I hoped the biggest had fledged and this was the little one left. Obviously not. Gutted.

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