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Quizproquo | 20:51 Mon 06th Mar 2017 | Animals & Nature
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There is a gitaffe called April that's due to give birth, well about 10 days ago.
It's strangely addictive


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I don't want to watch it fall to the floor!
Question Author
It'll be fine :)
I know. Still can't watch though.
She's very restless. Is that the father next door?
Question Author
Yeah. He's called Oliver. The calf has been moving around a lot. I feel sorry for her. She lifts her left back leg and swings it whenever she bends down to eat.
I saw a video of a baby Giraffe being born a couple of years ago.

Mum was standing up with her legs splayed and then there was an enormous tsunami of fluidy stuff and the baby plopped to the ground. It seemed harsh on junior to arrive in such a way but it got up pretty soon after. In the wild it could end up as a snack if it doesn't move.
I've bookmarked it. Thanks, Quiz.
Question Author
You're welcome Tilly :)
She's just been giving Oliver some grief over the fence! Good for her. :-)
She is pacing about and then lying down. I've never seen a giraffe lie down before. It's a tricky business.
Question Author
April has been standing in the same spot for at least 45 minutes
She's pacing about again, Quiz.

I have been watching this on and off all day. :-)
beats mailing about, trump, war, famine.
Oh, they've opened the door for her.
isnt she thweet ?

they do alot of standing around apparently

and dont forget folks
this was the giraffe web cam that was removed as a result of complaints

as there were complaints that female genitalia were being broadcast live on the internet

well really ! really but it was true
Yes, she is sweet, Peter and she's not standing around much.
Nice she has some fresh air for a while.
The doors have been opened several times today. She has been out.
I think Oliver wants to go out .
The poor thing should be out wandering in the wilds of Africa and eating foliage from the top of the trees. No wonder she is going stir crazy in her pen

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