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Cats Need Claws

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wolf63 | 03:29 Sat 09th Apr 2016 | Animals & Nature
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It is illegal to declaw cats in this country but most of the states in the US still allow it. I used to think that only the claw would be taken off (which is bad enough) but most of the toe is amputated to.

Cats need claws, if it wasn't for claws being stuck into my arm I would still be in bed ~ it seems that a cat can starve overnight if not fed.


Let me introduce you to the paw project
Speaking up around the globe dropping lots of logic
Take a cats claws and a dark cloud will linger
Don’t you know they need them like a human needs fingers?

Call me an advocate
Brought the whole squad to help spread the message quick
This is N2 Cat Crew
About to spread the message show the world now what we can do

Chorus: T-R-O-U-B-L-E x 4

Let me introduce you to this cat named Nala Cat
Got so many followers and one of them’s a Coffee Cat
Excuse me, I mean his name is White Coffee Cat
Oh and did I mention, Paw Project
Oh they down with that

Let me introduce you to the Cats of Instagram
Click take a Pic, now you’re famous on Instagram
And do you know these cats named Seamus and Angus?
Bout to blow up TNT so famous


Porkchop is always into mischief so she down to help
Always into trouble like, You did it to your self

OMG DeeDee that’s Gary
A life without claws to him is so scary

Sent a message right quick to Oskar and Klaus
The jumped on board cuz they down for the cause

And who could forget about the cat named Oreo
He’s the reason why the Paw Project’s in stereo


Let me introduce to a kitty that’s named city
He be working night and day to make a difference in your city
If you see him on the street he be a Cat you wanna meet
Cuz he be down for the cause 18 sharp claws

Oh and have you met my good friend her named is Maccha cat?
When she heard about this song, she was Iike I’m down with that.
If you live in ignorance and want to take our claws
I will Katniss Thunder Paw you, Talk to the Paw

Now you met the squad this is the N2 Cat Crew
Bout to make the message go so viral that’s what we do
When you get a kitty take a second and pause
Do you really want their life to be without claws?


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Sounds like animal cruelty to me.
ould have done without the rap.
They still dock dog tails and crop ears in the US too, although opinion is slowly changing over ear cropping. There is also at least one charming person who deliberately breeds eyeless and two headed turtles and will post them too you :(
It's not just in the States. Our Canadian friends have all their cats' claws removed as a matter of course. Awful!
Sick !
Thankfully this barbaric practice is illegal in the UK.
Question Author
In the US it is possible to greet Testicular implants inserted after castration. I think that they are called Neuticles. They will probably be available here but I am not sure how Vets would react.

Ear cropping looks horrible, I can't think of a good reason to have it done.

Naomi, I am surprised that Canada allows this mutation.

It is cruel and barbaric and unnecessary.

Why would anyone want declaw a cat? Unbelievable.
Question Author
I agree Rocky, when people are adopted by a cat they must, surely, realise that they have claws and teeth. If they didn't have claws how could they destroy furniture and woodwork?

It's all part of the fun of being a cat slave......

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Cats Need Claws

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