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My Dog Has Eaten A Half Of An Easter Egg?

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anneasquith | 20:46 Sat 02nd Apr 2016 | Animals & Nature
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Cadbury's small milk chocolate buttons egg. He is approximately size of a Dalmatian. Any advice TIA


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Have a look at this, anne. Keep your eye on him.
Don't worry about it.
I do believe choc is very bad for dogs, I would consult a vet !
Anne, dark choc is much worse than milk so as he is quite big compares to the amount he ate, my advice would be to keep a close eye on him and act accordingly. You are a sensible lady and will know if he needs a vet. And put the dog and the choc in a position where they don't meet in future;-)) I'm sure he'll be OK.
Probably more fat and sugar than cocoa but keep watch and see if he starts looking uncomfortable. If so, get him to the vets.
The entire product (including the buttons) only weighs 100g (= 3½ oz).

So the amount of milk chocolate your dog has eaten (if he's only had half the egg, and none of the buttons) is probably only about 1 oz. A Dalmation might weigh around 55 lb. The reason I've used imperial measures is so that they can be put into this calculator:
(That's a highly-reputable US website, BTW).

As you'll see, the toxicity level is indicated as 'None'. I've known dogs to eat far more milk chocolate than that and still show no adverse reactions, So I certainly wouldn't be panicking! However, if you're worried, phone your vet's out-of-hours emergency number.
He'll probably be sick, just clean it up. Not enough to worry about IMO.
There is a tattooed, heavily metalled through the nostrils, eyebrows and one lip, man who I see regularly tying his beautiful Staffie to a post outside the local paper shop. Said dog sits dribbling whilst staring at the shop door until owner appears with his daily treat, a Yorkie Bar, which he unwraps and pops into the dogs mouth and it's down in one! I'm trying to pluck up courage to say something as he obviously loves his dog but he doesn't look very approachable. I guess his dog can tolerate the poison.
Question Author
Thank you all for advice and links. Have spoken to emergency vet practice. He has not consumed a toxic amount. May well have V&D. I was hiding the chocolate from my granddaughter !!!!!!! Many thanks from an anxious dog owner.
My late GSD once ate a bar of Green and Blacks 70% cocoa chocolate. She was very ill but survived. She was in the vets for two days and we had to put powdered charcoal in her food for a week afterwards. Washing her food bowl was a nightmare.

Dogs and chocolate do not mix well.
Have a Crunchie instead.
It's not Friday, Gromit.
My small terrier cross ate a hole Easter egg with the foil and the only side effects were a yelp when he pooped the foil
If milk choc - probably OK - he may be very thirsty - do NOT let him drink and drink and drink. That size of dog =- small milk choc Easter egg - probably Ok - but watch for signs of hyperactivity - if so - see your vet.
ANY choc is risky and can kill but dark choc. most dangerous.
Back in the days before we knew choc. was poisonous to dogs, my parents (and me when much younger) used to feed our dogs choc. as a treat, not every day or even every week, but now and again. Thankfully it never did them any harm, so I suspect some dogs may be able to take it without much harm, but I would NEVER do it now, just in case.
erm dont eat the other half if the dog has licked it
not even after washing it.

all my family's dogs got milk chocco in the fifties to the noughties
and none keeled over or even looked illl
Question Author
Peter. Tempting as it was, I did not eat the other half of the egg :-)
//erm dont eat the other half if the dog has licked it
not even after washing it.//

Lol ped. Just had a blood pressure scare laughing. :-()

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My Dog Has Eaten A Half Of An Easter Egg?

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