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Crows Leaving A Present

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smurfchops | 13:27 Sun 23rd Feb 2014 | Animals & Nature
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Further to my previous threads about our crows, when we look out of back door first thing in morning they (I presume it is they), are leaving loads of moss on our doormat... I have seen them pecking at in and burying food under moss in garden on the lawn. But why leave it on our mat??


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Perhaps they're standing on your mat to keep their feet clean :-)

or doing their food cleaning on your roof, and the debris is falling down onto your mat?
Have you got moss on your roof? Jackdaws and magpies peck the moss off my garage roof opposite my house - I think they're trying to get at anything edible underneath. Maybe your crows are doing something similar, and the moss is falling onto your mat.
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But it is so neat, none on patio, just on mat, no moss on roof, just on lawn...

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Crows Leaving A Present

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