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Fat Cats

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wolf63 | 16:07 Wed 07th Aug 2013 | Animals & Nature
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Metro article reads -

A cat resembling Garfield carries all the same characteristics as the lovable cartoon feline: a passion for food and slight resentment towards dogs.

A video posted on YouTube shows this fat cat desperately trying to squeeze through a tiny dog flap to get inside his house.

In the 23-second clip, the frustrated kitty manages to get two legs inside before meowing loudly and taking a small moment to reflect on the weighty task ahead.

He then frantically scratches at the floor to find something to grip onto before successfully hauling the rest of his oversized body through the tiny dog door.

Owner Linda Joiner posted the video of her tubby ginger tabby online last month saying: ‘My 26lb cat won’t stay outside. Here he is squeezing through the small doggie door.’

It is not clear where the cat, who weighs over a-stone-and-a-half, is from or what his name is, however, it is clear he might need to rethink his entrance strategy.


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Question Author
This cat doesn't seem to like the cat flap
lol, both clips made me laugh.

We had a big cat, but not that fat. He didn't like his catflap either, because it was one of the old ones with a double flap and magnets. He didn't like the way it nipped his tail.

He developed the technique of entering at full speed so that his tail was in before the flap fell. We always knew when he came in or out, because of the racket made by the flap swinging backwards and forwards for a least a minute. Often found the flap on the floor after a particularly robust entry.
Question Author
My two are indoor cats as I live in the city centre.

I think that Frankie would manage to work out how a cat flap worked but his sister, Merlin, isn't what you would call bright ~ stupid is the best word to describe her.

Your cat sounds as if he worked out what was his best strategy - like Mr Tiddles deciding that smashing the cat flap to pieces.

It would be nice to see the world from the point of view of a cat. Small animals with plenty of attitude, they demand and bully us into submission.

I find them fascinating - when I don't have murderous thoughts towards them.
LOL, like how Mr Tiddles come back to check the damage.
Question Author
Tony - he is a bloke, he has to stand and admire his handy-work.

When I got my first cat I actually thought that the reason that all my ornaments would end up on the floor was that he was old and wobbly on his legs. I then found him batting the ornaments off the edge of the unit and watching each crash to the ground before sauntering over to the next one.

Mr Tiddles probably had his owner convinced that the cat flap was bust due to an accident - cats are evil in their ways.

I saw a clip (can't find it) with a tiny kitten being introduced to a huge Doberman. Anxiety all around, the dog had been the 'only child' and they were concerned about the initial meeting. Needless to say the kitten whacked the dog over the nose with a fully armed paw and the dog just sat there looking stunned. Kitten started as it meant to go on.
wolf, experience has learned me that if something gets broken and there is a cat involved then it is never an accident !.
Question Author
I think that cats are devious and manipulative. You just never know what they are going to do next.

I've often considered posting my own very similar video to YouTube. When I put him on a diet he gained weight!

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Fat Cats

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