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What Is Moulting?

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Litchick | 21:00 Mon 27th Jun 2005 | Animals & Nature
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I feel silly asking this question as I have had one cat for 12 years and just last month got a new kitten.  Is it when my kitten suckles her own fur?


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Moulting is the shedding of a winter coat for the warmer months, this is most noticable when stroking your beasty and you end up with hairy hands!!!
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Thank you!!!  Now I can sleep in peace tonight!! x

You're welcome!

My three cats, the dog and the rabbit all seem to be moulting at the moment.

It's not doing my hayfever any good!

me 2 its a pain in the rear...u have to hoover every hr

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What Is Moulting?

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