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queenio | 19:23 Tue 24th Jul 2012 | Animals & Nature
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My friend has a Bichon, and although she takes him for walks every day, is very reluctant to let him off the lead. Doesn't he need to have a good run in order to exercise his lungs?. Many thanks.


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I know many dogs who have a really good walk on the lead - doesn't he run about in the garden at home?
All dogs should have a good run off lead, they need the run for exercise and for recreation. It really isn't right to not allow this basic instinct.
afaik the Bichon Frise is a breed that is famous for going 'loopy' every now and then (I think it's referred to as the Bichon 'blitz' or something). Maybe your friend is reticent about letting him off the lead because of this.
Keeping dogs is cruel ! Why do the owners do it ? Keep in a yard or a house and take them for a walk and pick up the crap and feel good about it ? Don't matter what the breed is, dogs are born to run free and in this society they cant !
There's always one......
Brilliant clip, Answerprancer, very funny. But bloody hell, what a horrendous choice of bedclothes
Oh hell, it wasn't yours, was it?
Ideally even a lapdog should have a free run now and again but brisk walks for him, with plenty of time for sniffing and also marking territory every few yards, should keep him happy and healthy. There can be problems wth dogs that refuse to come when called, too, which is usually the owner's fault. Must confess that my own Dandie Dinmont is a little horror if she's out and off a lead plus she is a Houdini with any gate, fence or hedge, so she is on a lead a lot of the time, but she seems perfectly happy with that, even though the other eight here aren't as restricted when out.

Bichon blitz? Very funny. It's just mad keen to play, that's all, but it has got that in spades. Wonder if it would be quite so mad with another Bichon. Of course, they might be three times as mad together !
very very funny - thanks
If your local park has a dog patch, they are usually very secure.

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